Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Note From Grace

Grace wrote this note to Steve yesterday. I thought it was so cute. The only help I gave her was having her add e's to the end of hope and like. Other than that she did it all on her own. In case you can't tell, it is supposed to say, "Dad, I hope you like this. From Grace." I especially like the frrum part. (Usually she gets the a in her name right though.)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween Pictures

Halloween, Grace's Birthday, and Other Random Stuff

My computer has been having major problems lately. I can't always tell when I'll be able to get on the internet, or when the computer will just magically shut off, so I'm just going to post one big post about a lot of stuff that's been happening lately.

Halloween was fun. As you can tell from the pictures, Grace was Batgirl, Roman was Batman, Steve was an In-n-Out employee, and I was... well I was dressed up anyway. Grace helped me pick a purple wig, some big sparkly glasses and a feather boa. I sure looked nice. ;)

Grace decided a costume birthday party would be fun, so we had one for her last Saturday. Her two boyfriends, Quentin and Spencer, came to the party. Spencer signed his card with xoxoxo, and Quentin drew a heart in his. Grace and Quentin also sat together in one chair during the party. They're pretty cute. Let's just hope that she goes through a "boys are yucky" stage at some point. I don't want her sharing a chair with her boyfriend when she's in eighth grade.

Roman has decided that he doesn't like to be called anything but Roman. He has started yelling at complete strangers anytime they call him anytime they call him anything but Roman. The conversation usually goes something like this:

Random stranger: "Hi cutie."

Roman: "No! It's Roman!"

Then usually I try to appoligize for his rude behavior and explain why he's yelling at them. Nice, huh?

Grace decided a few weeks ago that she wanted her ears pierced for her birthday. I wasn't sure if I wanted this or not. I don't have anything against little girls having their ears pierced, but I didn't really want to deal with taking care of her ears and infections, etc. So after talking to her about how much it would hurt, and how her ears could get infected if she wasn't careful, she decided that she didn't want them pierced yet. Smart girl. She has figured out how to avoid unnecessary responsibilities.

Some sad news. Roman lost his favorite stuffed dog, Baby. If I had been smart I wouldn't have let Roman carry the dog along with him on our errands, but I did, and somehow Baby didn't make it home. Poor Baby. If anyone sees a little white dog with blue and purple spots, bring him home to us please! Roman misses him.

We took Grace out for a birthday lunch yesterday, because Steve will be at school late tonight. She chose to go to Sweet Tomatoes, a favorite of my nieces and nephews. In fact, I don't think I've ever been there before without my sister, Becca, and her family. Grace loved it, but when we were finished she asked if she could go to a buffet for her real birthday. Huh? Isn't Sweet Tomatoes a buffet? So no, we're not going to a buffet today.

And finally, only five more weeks until our cruise to Mexico!