Friday, September 26, 2008

Grace's Smile

Grace finally lost her second tooth. Just in time for picture day at school! If you look closely, you might notice that there's probably only enough room for one tooth in the space left by her two missing teeth. Braces are definitely going to be part of Grace's future. (You might also notice a juice mustache, but we'll just ignore that.)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fourth Time's the Charm???

Last night Grace and Roman each started swimming lessons. This is Roman's first class, a parent and me class, and I don't think he's going to learn anything he doesn't already know. It's still fun for him though. And then there's Grace. Oh, Grace!

Last summer I signed Grace up for six weeks of swimming lessons in St. George. The first two sessions were level 1, and the third session was supposed to be level 2. Of course, that was assuming that Grace would pass level 1 after going four times a week for four weeks. But no. She wouldn't put her face in the water. So she didn't pass.

They gave us a credit for the level 2 class that we didn't use, and last month we went to St. George where Grace did two more weeks of level 1. She finally passed! Hooray! Hallelujah! She made amazing progress, and not only can she put her face in the water, she can now swim underwater by herself.

So, I decided that while she was doing so well, I'd get her into level 2 asap. That was supposed to start last night. However, at this place, they test each child at the beginning of their lessons to determine what level they should be in. Guess where they placed Grace? Yep, level 1. Again.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Grace's First Lost Tooth

Last Tuesday, Grace had "the best day of her life." The reason why: she noticed two loose teeth that day. She was so excited. She's wanted to lose a tooth ever since her cousin Lauren lost some a couple of years ago. All Tuesday and Wednesday she told everyone that she talked to the great news. Then Wednesday night it all went downhill. Forgetting her loose teeth, she put a toy in her mouth to try to take two pieces apart. One of the teeth came part of the way out and hurt her. She cried and cried and worried about how she would ever eat again. Luckily that tooth came out Wednesday night, and a visit from the tooth fairy made the pain almost worth it.

I've been waiting to post about this lost tooth, because I was sure the other one would follow right after, and it would make a better picture. :) But now she doesn't even want to touch the other loose tooth. She's too afraid of it hurting her. So, it may be a while if that tooth has to just fall out on its own.

For My Fellow Twilight Fans...

I guess I've got Twilight on my brain, but I was looking at this picture today and I started thinking about how my kids could almost pass for vampires. They already have the pale white skin and the dark circles under their eyes. All they need is a different eye color. Silly, I know, but I had to share.