Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fourth Time's the Charm???

Last night Grace and Roman each started swimming lessons. This is Roman's first class, a parent and me class, and I don't think he's going to learn anything he doesn't already know. It's still fun for him though. And then there's Grace. Oh, Grace!

Last summer I signed Grace up for six weeks of swimming lessons in St. George. The first two sessions were level 1, and the third session was supposed to be level 2. Of course, that was assuming that Grace would pass level 1 after going four times a week for four weeks. But no. She wouldn't put her face in the water. So she didn't pass.

They gave us a credit for the level 2 class that we didn't use, and last month we went to St. George where Grace did two more weeks of level 1. She finally passed! Hooray! Hallelujah! She made amazing progress, and not only can she put her face in the water, she can now swim underwater by herself.

So, I decided that while she was doing so well, I'd get her into level 2 asap. That was supposed to start last night. However, at this place, they test each child at the beginning of their lessons to determine what level they should be in. Guess where they placed Grace? Yep, level 1. Again.


Kristi said...

so sorry to hear Grace inherited the Parke gene.. Not so much the athlete family I'm afraid. Still, the fact that she continues to get into the water is promising. How does little Roman like the water?
Thanks for the running encouragement. I heard that the St. George marathon is mostly downhill so I've decided to wear Heelies.

Deborah said...

Huh... I kind of thought Grace got her lack of athleticism from me. I guess the poor girl's got it coming at her from both sides. ;)

Roman is actually much better in the water than Grace. He thinks he can swim already. He's not quite there, but he'll probably pass Grace's skill level in another year or two.

Emily said...

you should check out my sister-in-laws post about swimming lessons with my nephew.
maybe you have to know him, but i hope you find it funny.

Emily said...

She is so much like Eli! He's taken beginning 3 times now!

Allen Family said...

Go Grace! I think she is a great swimmer. She will rock level 1!

We do need to get together sometime. I feel bad I was suppose to call Jenna before she left and I was so busy that I didn't have time. Eric said that she is already out in TN. I feel so bad. We are planning to get a new grill soon so we will have a BBQ at our house. And btw, I don't feel that 2nd year is any better than 1st. Eric is still insanely busy with everything. The nice is that at Christmas they will be half way done! Yeah!

Becca said...

Mom always said we were the personality that could do the sports witout problem. We just had to be able to do it in our own way and take our own time. Grace will do it when she's ready.

I try not to compare Matt with Megan on bikes. Megan beggged for her training wheels to be taken off this summer, and begged for them to be put BACK ON in August. Matt rode the same day he--by himself--took his own training wheels off. Oh well.