Saturday, April 26, 2008

Why can't I just say no?

I just had one of those parties kind of like a Tupperware party where you host and someone tries to sell your guests on their product. I don't know why I did it. I hate that kind of party. Anyway, I invited over 30 people and I only had four show up. (Thanks to those of you who did come! And I apologize to all for inviting you to a high-pressure sales party.)

So anyway, I went to all the work cleaning and preparing treats and all of that, and then I felt embarrased that hardly anyone came. I guess I can understand that they don't want to spend their Saturday being sold on an overpriced product. At the end of it all, I didn't have enough people or enough money spent to get any discounts at all. So I ended up buying a book myself so that I could get a free book. What a waste! Oh well, I know better for next time.

Steve and his homie, the Mayor

Steve and some friends started the Real Estate Law Society at the law school. They've had some cool speakers come, but the best so far has been Mayor Oscar Goodman. He used to be the attorney for the mafia back in the day. He even plays himself in the movie Casino. He wants to legalize prostitution throughout the state of Nevada, (it is currently only legal in a few counties,) and also wants to cut off the thumbs of convicted vandals. What a role model. (ha!)

Steve has scheduled Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to come speak in October. He may just push the mayor out of his position as most interesting speaker.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Grace's Dance Recital

Tonight was Grace's dance recital. She did one ballet dance and one tap dance. She did great. And she was absolutely thrilled to wear make-up. If you look closely at the last picture you'll notice Grace's tongue sticking out. I guess she was concentrating.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

What's wrong with this kid?

So for the past hour, Roman has been in his crib. Not sleeping and not crying. Just sort of playing. He doesn't have any toys in there to entertain him. It's just him in there, talking and singing and laughing. It's driving me crazy.

He's been doing this for the past couple of months. Most days when I put him down for a nap he goes right to sleep without any noise. But once or twice a week I'll hear him talking to himself a few minutes after I leave. It's then that I know he's not going to take a nap. I always leave him in there; I don't want to disturb his little party. But he hardly ever goes to sleep. What's going on? He just barely turned two, so it's not like he doesn't need a nap. And when he does nap he sleeps for two to three hours. So why won't he sleep on these random days? I don't get it.

Roman's Birthday Pictures

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Roman's Birthday

Happy birthday Roman! I can't believe my little guy is two years old! Where does the time go?

Monday, April 7, 2008

Book Tag (Steve's)

Here's mine:

"Application of Rule 68 will serve as a disincentive for the plantiff's attorney to continue litigation after the defendant makes a settlement offer. There is no evidence, however, that Congress, in considering section 1988, had any thought that civil rights claims were to be on any different footing from other civil claims insofar as settlement is concerned. Indeed, Congress made clear its concern that civil rights plaintiffs not be penalized for "helping to lessen docket congestion" by settling their cases out of court...

Moreover, Rule 68's policy of encouraging settlements is neutral, favoring neither plaintiffs nor defendants; it expresses a clear policy of favoring settlement of all lawsuits. Civil rights plaintiffs--along with other plaintiffs--who reject an offer more favorable than what is thereafter recovered at trial will not recover attorney's fees for services performed after the offer is rejected."

This book is not yet recommended by Oprah, but I am sure it will be.

Book Tag

Here's another tag. This one's easier than the last. Here are the rules to the tag:

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next five sentences.
5. Tag five people

The book I just finished last night is called Uglies. It's a young adult science fiction about a futuristic land where everyone has surgery to make them beautiful when they turn 16. I would not normally read science fiction, but it was recommended by a friend. I can't say if I would recommend it or not. I'm still undecided. I'll wait until I read the second and third books in the series to say. So here goes:

"The thought of what she must look like was too much. Tally collapsed onto the bed, covering her face with her hands and sobbing. Peris sat next to her and held her for a while as she cried, then wiped her nose and sat her up. "Look at you, Tally Youngblood."

She shook her head."

Not very exciting. Okay, I tag anyone who reads this, except Kate since she's the one who tagged me. This one's fun and easy to do so I don't feel bad.

Friday, April 4, 2008

A Really Great Book

I just finished reading a fantastic book. "These is my Words" by Nancy E. Turner. I don't know why nobody has suggested it to me in the past. It's been out for ten years! So, if you're like me and haven't read it yet, read it! I feel pretty confident in saying that you'll like it.

All About Steve (A Tag)

1. What is his full name: Steven Keith Parke (aka Bones). I have to admit that the first couple times we hung out I wasn't completely sure what his real name was. Everyone called him Bones.
2. How long have we been married? It will be ten years in August!!!! I can't believe it.
3. How long did you date? A year and a half
4. How old is he? He might not want me to say. He's older than me, and I'm no longer in my twenties. We'll leave it at that.
5. Who eats more? Most of the time it's Steve. Except when it comes to treats. That would be me, hands down!
6. Who said love you first? Does "I think I'm falling in love with you" count? Because I remember he said that first. The actual "I love you" I don't know. Probably him though. I knew the rules.
7. Who is taller? Steve
8. Who sings better? Steve. I am a horrible singer.
9. Who is smarter? It depends on the subject. I'm better at math. He's better at a lot of the other stuff.
10. Who does the laundry? Me. Steve's in his first year of law school. Do we even need to ask?
11.Who pays the bills? (See answer to number 11.)
12. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do. I always have to be on the right side, no matter where we are.
13. Who mows the lawn? In all of our years of marriage, we have never had to mow a lawn. I suspect that by the time we do get a lawn, Grace or Roman might be able to mow it.
14. Who cooks dinner? I do more than Steve does, but he does do it sometimes. We also eat out quite a bit more than we should.
15. Who drives when you are together? Steve
16. Who kissed who first? Steve kissed me before we had even gone on an actual date. In all fairness, we had "hung out" a few times.

17. Who is more stubborn? I can't say that either one of us is really stubborn. Grace is the stubborn one in our family.
18. Who asked who out? Hmmm... good question. I invited Steve along with some other friends to dinner at my house first. This can't be counted as an actual date though, since it was me and three guys. Then he and some friends invited me to go to the park with them to play croquet. Steve proceeded to ignore me and flirt with another girl. (He says this was part of his plan to get my attention.) So this definitely can't be called a date either. Then we hung out at a school swim party. We came with other people but he gave me a ride home. Date? Probably not. Then I invited myself to his house to hang out. Not really a date either. I guess our first official date was when Steve cooked dinner for me. So I guess it was him. But it looks like I did some chasing though doesn't it?
19. Who proposed? Steve of course! After some disceet suggestions on my part.
20. Who has more friends? Steve
21. Who is more sensitive? Me. Luckily I have a great husband who knows how to cheer me up.
22. Who has more siblings? Steve. Six brothers and one sister.
23. Who wears the pants? It really depends what the issue is!

These were not on the original tag, but here are some more interesting things about Steve:
24. Steve's favorite band is Depeche Mode. (Some of you may be too young to know who they are.)
25. He served a mission in Albania, and he speaks Albanian.
25. He was born on a Chippewa Indian Reservation in Minnesota.
26. Steve has started and run three sucessful businesses.,, and Roman Grace.
27. Steve has a degree in diamond grading from the Gemological Institute of America.
28. He's been to at least 16 countries, including China and many in Europe.
29. Steve is an amazing father. He's so sweet and patient with our kids. I've never met a better dad.
30. Steve is the best husband I could ever ask for!
If you're reading this and you'd like to be tagged, then consider yourself tagged.