Thursday, April 17, 2008

What's wrong with this kid?

So for the past hour, Roman has been in his crib. Not sleeping and not crying. Just sort of playing. He doesn't have any toys in there to entertain him. It's just him in there, talking and singing and laughing. It's driving me crazy.

He's been doing this for the past couple of months. Most days when I put him down for a nap he goes right to sleep without any noise. But once or twice a week I'll hear him talking to himself a few minutes after I leave. It's then that I know he's not going to take a nap. I always leave him in there; I don't want to disturb his little party. But he hardly ever goes to sleep. What's going on? He just barely turned two, so it's not like he doesn't need a nap. And when he does nap he sleeps for two to three hours. So why won't he sleep on these random days? I don't get it.


Meridy said...

Kids are weird. I'm sorry! That is frustrating.

Allen Family said...

I so remember Blake doing that. I really think the days that he would do that just meant he slept more deep the night before. The nice thing was the days Blake didn't have a nap, he crashed at 6pm. Will Roman go to sleep earlier on the days that he doesn't nap? I wouldn't worry about it. Maybe he just wants some alone time! :)

jp said...

Hey Deborah your blog is so cute. How did you decorate it. Where to I go to find boarder etc. So I have heard that book is awesome. I'm going to read it. Roman is so cute. The whole nap thing is hard sometimes. I'm just glad they take them.