Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cheap Diapers and the Hurt and Kill Book

So Roman is three, and still not wanting to be potty trained. After six and half years of buying diapers almost continuously, I'm pretty sick of spending so much money on the stupid things. I've been buying Luvs for the past few years. They seem to work well and they're not as expensive as some of the others. The last time though, I decided to go for the very cheapest ones I could find. They happened to be the Parent's Choice brand from Walmart. When I first used one on Roman, he asked if he could look at the diaper. He took one look at the picture of clouds, (not characters,) and said, "These diapers are boring!"

Roman has also decided lately that the illustrated kids' Book of Mormon story book that we have is the best book ever. The reason? It has Jesus AND it has lots of guys that "hurt and kill".


Sarah Smith said...

Our family has been reading the illustrated version of the book of Mormon every night now and they LOVE it also. They can learn so much in a fun way!!

Meridy said...

He is such a little boy!!!! I love those books! Such an easy way for the kids to learn scriptures.

Charisse said...

Roman is too cute. I am just getting ready to potty train Ashley. Hope it all goes well.

I love the little scripture readers. He is a true boy! :)

Emily said...

Alan told us the other day that Caleb's favorite part in the kids' scriptures is when they crucify Jesus! If you ask him which story he wants, it's that one! Eli was always fascinated with it too! Boys!