Sunday, February 10, 2008

Do we have a computer genius on our hands?

Last week Steve got home from school a little later than usual. The kids had already eaten dinner, so Steve and I were enjoying eating without the usual fuss of trying to feed kids at the same time. Steve had just commented about how quiet it was when Grace came in. She said, "Um, Dad, I think I should tell you that Roman is taking pieces off of your computer."

We ran into the living room and yes, Roman was in fact taking pieces off of Steve's laptop. He had managed to take almost half of the keys off of the keyboard. We don't quite understand how he figured out how to do it. Maybe he's a computer genius.

We got most of the keys back on ourselves, but a few were broken for good, and a lot didn't fit quite right. Steve had to go through a week of school typing with missing keys. We did finally get it fixed yesterday. What a crazy little boy we have! It's a good thing we love him so much.

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Meridy said...

That is hillarious! Love your blog by the way!