Friday, February 15, 2008

Roman's New Haircut

For a while now we've been letting Roman's hair grow out, hoping that it would look cute. Since both of his parents have curl in their hair, I thought that his would curl at least on the ends. No such luck. Instead it just fell limply into his face. We finally gave up today and decided to go get it cut.

We went to Great Clips because we had a coupon for a $5.99 haircut. First mistake. When we got there I noticed an older, pseudo-intellectual, I'm better than you are-looking man cutting hair. Now I know that it's not fair to judge someone based on appearance, but I guess I'm shallow in this area. I immediately thought, "I hope he doesn't cut Roman's hair." Not because this guy was lacking in hygene or anything. Just because he didn't have any of the style that I had hoped would go into Roman's haircut. So a few minutes later I wasn't suprised when he called us up. This was my second mistake by the way. I realized after that I should have made up some sort of excuse, like, "Hey, sorry, but my son has a phobia of men touching his hair." But no, I decided to give this guy a chance.

So he took us back to his station and asked what we wanted done. I said, "We'd like a faux-hawk." His reply, "Oh #*@!, you can't be serious!" This is where my third mistake came. I should have at that moment realized that either a. he cannot do this particular style, or b. he hates this style and therefore will not care if it looks good or not. But being the polite person I am I just smiled and said that yes that is what we wanted. Why didn't I just say that I was kidding and we just wanted a trim? This guy proceeded to whack away at Roman's hair, all the while giving us dirty looks or sighs every time Roman moved. Like he's going to sit still! He's not even two!

So anyway, Roman now has a haircut that looks worse than the one I gave him myself over the summer. For those of you who don't know the story, I tried to just trim it a little and ended up buzzing the sides and back to try to even them out. I also totally messed up the neckline. I was so embarrased! Now I realize that I shouldn't have been. I actually have the skills needed to be a great stylist for Great Clips.

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Emily said...

This story is hilarious! So was the one about the computer. You'll also have to post some pix of your home-rental.