Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Breaking the Law

So today I got pulled over by a police officer. Of course I immediately started to panic. Had I been speeding? I was pretty sure that I hadn't been. I had noticed the police car and made a point of following all traffic laws while he was not-so-subtly following me. (Not that I don't usually obey the traffic laws. I actually haven't been pulled over once in the last 13 years. Until today that is.) So I nervously waited while the officer got out of the car to tell me what I had done wrong.

It turns out that our car registration had been suspended. Huh? Have you ever heard of a car registration being suspended? I hadn't. After a trip to the DMV, (made by my kind husband who came to my rescue,) and several calls to our insurance provider, we learned that our VIN number was wrong on our insurance policy. The funny thing is that it's been wrong the entire time we've had the policy, which has been years. Why did the DMV figure it out just now and suspend our registration? I wish I knew. I also wish I knew why the police officer just happened to check my license plate number when I was being a responsible, law-obeying citizen. Do I really look like a criminal?

So anyway, I'm still supposed to appear in traffic court to explain what happened, and supposedly, the DMV will waive $1100 of the $1132 fine. As for the other $32... my lawyer-in-training husband says there's no way we're paying. I guess we'll just wait and see.


Tyler, Monica, and Nathan Murset said...

What the heck! That is so lame! We got a few notices in the mail saying that our registration was going to be suspended because they could not verify our insurance coverage, our insurance company said that that happens all the time with the NV DMV- I was so irritated, it is like why don't they double check these things in the beginning???

Emily said...

police sure are strange sometimes. i got followed all the way from salt lake to american fork once. and it wasn't like he was just riding near me. oh no, he was changing lanes with me and staying right behind--just waiting for me to mess up. good luck with the $32. brandon would say the same thing.

Allen Family said...

The policeman probably just thought you were cute and wanted to pull you over! :)

Emily said...

No way! That's crazy! I hope it goes well. You'll definitely have to do a followup posting.