Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School!

Today was Grace's first day of kindergarten. I can't believe it. I got a little emotional when I left her at school. I really didn't think I would; it's not that I'm sad that she'll be going. But I just was hit hard by the evidence that my little girl is growing up. Grace, on the other hand, was thrilled. She turned five last November, and she would have liked to go to kindergarten last year, so today was an exciting day for her.

Grace is used to picking out her own outfits, and sometimes she comes up with very unique combinations. I was hoping that I would be able to just hand her something to wear for the first day of school and have her go along with it, but Grace had other ideas. She wanted to look extra special for her first day. Her special look was going to include a long-sleeve purple and black floral shirt with black lace, (it's supposed to be a nice cool 103 degrees today,) a neon, lime-green skirt, and lace-up Vans. Oh boy! Normally I wouldn't mind, but I wanted her to look cute for pictures and to make a good first impression. Luckily Steve's mom had given Grace a fully-coordinated outfit to wear to school, and luckily I was able to convince Grace that it was a good first day of school outfit. She's going to wear the purple and green tomorrow.

The teacher let all of the kids pick out their own desks. Grace marched right up and grabbed a seat in the front row. Next to her is her "Target friend". We met her at Target while we were buying school supplies. She also knows a little boy from some of her rec center classes. We don't have any other kindergarten kids in our ward that go to the same school as Grace. Hopefully she'll be able to make some good friends.

Here's our sad little Roman, who was so insulted that he didn't get to stay at school with Grace. We told him that he's too little to go to Grace's school, but that he'll get to go to his own school soon. (He's going to take an art class and a tumbling class from the rec center.) After we left Grace at school we went to the bank and then later to playgroup. Both places Roman asked if we were at Roman's school. Poor little buddy! He just wants to be like his big sis.


Jaime said...

Oh that is sooo sad for little Roman! Too cute though! I remember the first day of school for my kids also. Does LV do all all day kindergarten of half day? If it's half day just wait until next year when they go all day! That was also a sad day for me!

Nate said...

Grace is so cute! You should post tomorrow's outfit too. ;) Sounds like something Ellie might choose.

Meridy said...

Nate didn't write the above comment. It was really me. I mean he likes Grace, but he doesn't go around posting girly posts. ;) I had to switch to his computer and didn't realize that it would sign in as him instead of me.

I'm glad had a good first day!

Kate said...

Court and I can't believe how grown up Grace is! I have got to see a picture of her outfit for tomorrow. It sounds great!

Allen Family said...

That is so exciting for Grace to now be in school. She will do great at making friends, she is such a sweet, fun girl.