Sunday, October 19, 2008


Roman is at the point in his life where he just doesn't understand what "real" means. We've been seeing Halloween monsters everywhere we go, and although Roman is fascinated by them, he's also a little scared. We've tried to tell him that monsters aren't real, but he just doesn't understand what we're talking about. I think "real" is a hard concept for a two-year-old to grasp.

Yesterday we went to a party supply store to find invitations for Grace's birthday party. The store was full of Halloween costumes and decorations and Roman was torn between being amazed and being scared. He clung to me as we walked under a very large monster that was hanging from the ceiling, but then in the car he told me that it was fun in the Halloween store.

So last night around midnight Roman started crying. I went in to see what was wrong and he said, "It's Halloween in here!" He woke up a total of four times last night. Then this morning he kept talking about the monsters in his room. Poor little guy! I hope we don't have to keep him hidden in the house until Halloween is over.


Steve Parke said...

Roman is a monster. A little 2yr. old monster with a snotty nose. He is very scary, especially when I have to change his diaper.

Emily said...

I like Steve's comment; it made me laugh!

My kids are totally like this. Was Grace not? If not, you are one lucky gal! When we were at This Is the Place the other day, there were two pretty scary masks and Sarah would cry and say "scary" and run to me and want me to carry her. It was so sad. She won't sleep alone, either. Luckily, she and Eli have now learned to share a room. Do you have Roman and Grace in the same room? Eli's not as scaredy as he used to be, which is nice.

I added a note on my blog about the caramel apples saying that we used the recipe that you and I used to make at your house when we were kids. I don't know if you'll see the comment. I must have written down the temp wrong. At least it tastes good!!

Meridy said...

Oh how sad. Ellie has been scared too, but she hasn't been worried about them in her room. I think stores should be somewhat more considerate about little kids during the Halloween season. Like keeping the really scary stuff displayed in one spot.

Allen Family said...

Poor Roman! Blake was his age when he started to have bad dreams and I told him he can pray to Heavenly Father in the middle of the night and he will not be scared anymore. It really helped, and was a great teaching tool. I hope he doesn't have anymore bad dreams so you can both sleep!