Sunday, May 31, 2009

Random Pictures

This is last weekend in St. George. We were able to go up for a couple of days and spend time with some of my family. Grace and Roman always love seeing their cousins. It may be hard to tell in the picture, but all four kids pictured have different shades of red hair. It's so funny how many red heads we have in the family now. We didn't have any when we were growing up.

This is our pathetic running-through-the-sprinklers set up. We don't have any grass in our yard, so the kids can't actually run through the sprinklers. Instead they just kind of stand there and get wet. It does keep them entertained for quite a while though.

This was taken at the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay. We finally made it there a few weeks ago after living here for almost two years. It was pretty cool, but I have to say that I would be pretty disappointed in it if I had to pay full price. Luckily we had some free tickets so I didn't feel too bad. :)


Meridy said...

Funny about the water sprinkler!

Glad you had fun at the Shark Reef--I felt the same way, but I was glad Ellie enjoyed it. :)

Good job on your dance recital Grace!

Blair Adam Baillio said...

We don't have grass either. Annjilla sets up the pool in the garage and just opens the door for air.

Sarah Smith said...

Those are cute pictures of them and the sprinkler. Kids are easily entertained!! Grace looked Great for her recital.

Becca said...

Cute pictures, Deborah. I love the one of the kids at the temple, and Grace's recital especially. I'm glad you made it to Disneyland.