Monday, March 31, 2008

My Little Helper

I don't know where she gets it, (I certainly have never liked cleaning,) but Grace just loves to help me clean. It all started when she first watched Cinderella. From that point on, she has loved cleaning the floor on her hands and knees while singing, "sweeten nightingale". Yes, Cinderella's words are "sing sweet nightingale," but Grace will always sing it her way.

Since then she's wanted to help every time she sees me clean. She climbs onto the bathroom counters to wipe the mirrors, she scrubs the inside of the toilets with the toilet scrubbers and wipes with outside with sanitizing wipes. (She's very into these. She likes the Clorox commercials and is very happy that we have products at home that clean and protect.) She does dishes, she "decorates" (sets) the table, she sweeps and mops, she makes her bed, and she folds and puts away all of her own laundry. She's also very good at putting away toys. Sometimes too good. Sometimes she puts them away while Roman is still playing with them.

This picture is from a few days ago. I came downstairs to find Grace doing the dishes! She had just pulled a chair over to the sink and started by herself! How did I get so lucky? I hope she stays so into cleaning forever!!!


Meridy said...

Um...we need to get Ellie watching Cinderella. ;) What a cute girl Grace is!

Allen Family said...

How fun to have a little helper! Eric is getting an email tonight from Dan with what days his wife has off so we can have girls night. I thought it would probably just be easier to go somewhere in Henderson. We could even go to dinner at a place like Applebees, or just get dessert. Whatever!