Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Roman is Talking!

Up to this point Roman has not been much of a talker. But all of a sudden, over this past week, he's saying tons of new words. It's so exciting! It's like he's known all of these words for a while, and he just decided to use them. Sunday when I was getting ready for church he said, "Pretty Mama". Today we were at UNLV and he saw some guys riding bikes. He pointed to them and said, "Bike guys". He's still not talking as much as the average child his age does, but it's a good start!


Kate said...

See, he was just waiting until he had something brilliant to say, like "pretty mama." What a cutie pants!

Charlotte talks too much, and she does this thing now where she talks really slow at me like I'm an idiot. Fun.

Meridy said...

That is soo cute, "Pretty Mamma." What a little sweetheart!

Allen Family said...

Yeah for Roman! Now he will just be a little chatter box!!