Sunday, March 2, 2008

Our Darling Grace

Grace is a smart girl. Sometimes I just can't believe the things she thinks about. For example, today in sacrament meeting when they were passing the water, she leaned over and asked, "If water isn't made of anything, how did Jesus make it?" About a week ago she asked who made heaven. I told her that it's always been there and she said, "That's the strangest thing I've ever heard in my whole entire life." I can relate. Sometimes it's hard to grasp. Later today she asked how the inside of the light bulb makes the light bulb light up. I have to admit that I had to tell her that I have no idea on that one.

Grace is also Roman's idol. He follows her everywhere and tries to do exactly what she does. She likes to sing like Ariel, so Roman will sing like Ariel too. She'll dance around and then curtsy and say "Thank you, thank you." He'll do the same thing except he'll bow and his thank you sounds more like dank choo. If she's playing with Barbies, or Ponies, or Polly Pockets, he wants to play too. The poor little guy likes princess stuff more than any other boy I know. (Of course, Steve is thrilled about this. Not. He was pretty happy to learn that I bought Roman a basketball hoop that he'll get for his birthday.) Grace is a pretty good sport about her little shadow most of the time. Every once in a while she tells him to go away, but for the most part she's an excellent, and very patient big sister.


Allen Family said...

Grace is such a fun girl. Blake sure likes playing with your kids. Tell Steve good luck with his campaigning for us!

Meridy said...

You have cute kids! I like the new picture you added on the right!

Allen Family said...

Deborah, I totally forgot to tell you that Ashley loves the yogurt smoothies! Thank you so much for the idea. You are a lifesaver!