Sunday, May 4, 2008

40 More Things About Deb (written by a fan)

61. Deb has a great sense of humor (she married me).
62. Deb is an incredible mother.
63. Deb was a big fan of the TV show Felicity.
64. Deb has impeccable style.
65. Once while we were shopping Deb was approached by someone & asked if she was a model.
66. Deb is probably the smartest person I know.
67. Deb looks great without make-up.
68. Deb loves The Office.
69. Deb was grounded for sluffing school on the day of her high-school graduation.
70. Deb cooks a mean chicken enchilada.
71. I miss Deb when I am not with her, which is most of the time.
72. Deb loves nothing more than reading, sleeping, and being w/the kids (I will not say what order).
73. Once when we were in Paris, Deb was approached by an old man who thought she was Canadian because she was too thin for an American.
74. Deb is always keeping it real.
75. Deb was quite the hot item at SUU.
76. Deb was born in 1976.
77. Deb looks so good in a little black dress (although it has been a long time since she has worn one).
78. Deb won a table setting competiton in high school.
79. Roman and Grace are enamoured with Deb, as am I.
80. Deb worked for OC Tanner in SLC & was sorely missed when she left.
81. At SUU a very short foreign exchange student from Africa(along with many others), had a crush on Deborah & called her Deebaraa.
82. Deb has been bungee jumping.
83. Deb has a great relationship with her Mom.
84. Deb is fantastic with grammar and will likely edit this post.
85. Deb has "if you were here" by Thompson Twins as her ring tone. This song was in the movie 16 candles in the last scene with Molly Ringwald & Jake Ryan.
86. I think that Deb see's herself as the Molly Ringwald character (she is not, she is definitely not awkward and much better looking. I see myself as Jake Ryan, sadly I am not that good looking or smooth, or rich).
87. Deb loves Jane Austen.
88. Deb loves Bridget Jones Diary (the edited version of course).
89. Deb claims that she is a Mark Darcy kind of girl. I think that all girls claim they want Mark Darcy but secretly want Daniel Cleaver.
90. Deb should be the one in law school.
91. I promised one of Deb's professors that I would make sure Deb continued with a career in communications, as she was one of his most promising students.
92. Deb is extremely generous.
93. Deb does not make good choices when it comes to men (obviously).
94. Deb was once a shoe freak and owned many pairs.
95. Deb rolled her Toyota Tercel on I-15 in Beaver Ut.
96. Deb is extremely organized, unlike myself.
97. Without Deb I would be lost.
98. Deb does not realize how beautiful she is.
99. Deb hates to be called Debby.
100. See 98.


Deborah said...

Thanks Steve! That was sweet of you!

Deborah said...

Except aren't you supposed to be studying for finals right now?

Allen Family said...

That was so cute! Way to go Steve! I loved reading both posts. Eric and I are so glad that we have great friends like you two. Deborah, you will have to tell the story of rolling your car on the I-15, and all your dare devil things!. You brave soul!!

Kate said...

Court is in a lot of trouble because he has never said anything this nice about me. :(

Meridy said...

Steve you are sweet! What do you mean Deborah is bad at choosing men?? (Or however you stated it) :)

Loved reading that! You are a very interesting person Deb! I'm so glad we can be friends.

Meridy said...

Oh by the way, I was also going to say that you do have impecable style. I think that you are more like Grace Kelly than I am. :)

sara said...

Awesome list. Loved it. Oh, and I used to be a Felicity fan too!