Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh Buddy!

Somedays I wonder if maybe I'd like to have another child. Most days I think probably not. Today was one of the few days that I absolutely, definitely do not want anymore kids!

This morning Steve and I were both busy with our own things, not paying attention to Roman. That was a mistake. We found him in the kitchen where he had emptied half of the refrigerator, sprayed the walls, cupboards and floor with chocolate PediaSure, and smashed about ten eggs on the floor.

Notice how he's hanging his head in shame? He knows he's in trouble. What a mess! So Steve took Roman upstairs to clean him while I started cleaning the kitchen. Steve left Roman alone for a minute in Grace's room, where he then proceeded to break Grace's nightlight.

Later, I went to check on Roman during his nap. Here's what I found:
Yuck! I had to wake him up to clean the mess. What a lovely day. :) I sure hope tomorrow goes better.


sara said...

Oh boy, you guys have your hands full!! What a day is right!

Allen Family said...

Is this why Grace always prays for a good day? J/k! I hope today is a better day for you!

Meridy said...

HOLY COW! I'm so sorry. That should go in the Guiness (sp?) Book of World records.

Kate said...

Oh. My. Heavens.

He was on a roll, huh? Wow! I think I'm done with 2 kids too. 3 just might put me over the edge.

Emily said...

That is sooooooo bad!