Friday, January 30, 2009

Citizen of the Month

Today we went to an assembly at Grace's school and watched her receive an award for being a citizen of the month. We're proud of Grace for being such a good girl! (In case you were wondering, it was also pajama day at school.)

When Roman saw Grace sitting on the stage he ran up and sat next to her. He didn't quite understand why we didn't want him to sit there. He was also very disappointed when we left the school. The poor little guy really wants to go to school like his big sis.


Emily said...

That's so cute!

Elizabeth said...

Way to go Grace! I wish they would give more awards to good kids. Not that my kids would get any but it is good motivation to be good. She is so cute. Poor Roman. Just wait till he goes to preschool.

Charisse said...

Good job Grace! Roman is so cute.