Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Yes, we're still alive.

I've been a horrible blogger lately. My only excuse is a dead computer. Now I'm going to have to try to remember everything I've wanted to blog about in the past couple of months. It won't be easy, but here's a start:

Grace lost her third tooth last month. I don't think it was ready to come out yet, but her mouth is so small that her first two grown-up teeth pushed out a third tooth trying to make enough space to grow in. Anyway, when it came time to put the tooth under her pillow, Grace asked, "Mom, is the tooth fairy real?"

I was kind of stumped. I've always thought playing along with the whole Santa and tooth fairy thing was fun, but I've also always told myself that I'd answer honestly if my kids ever asked me directly. So I took the easy way out. I said, "What do you think?"

Grace told me that she kind of thinks that maybe Mommy or Daddy is the one leaving her the money. "Really?" I asked. (See how adept I am at dodging the question?) Then Grace said, "I just don't know how you would be able to fit under the door to sneak into my room." Ah yes, I'm saved from having to explain the tooth fairy because my daughter doesn't realize that her door opens, even at night.

And, drumroll please, today I got some great news. My criminal charges, you know the ones brought against me because my insurance company made a typo when turning in our info to the DMV, (see http://romangrace.blogspot.com/2008/10/traffic-court.html) have been dropped! I am no longer a criminal and I no longer have to appear in court later this month. YAY!


Jaime said...

I was wondering where you went, I'm glad you're still alive. Glad the charges were dropped as well. How were the holidays for you guys? We decided to go private so it won't show you when we update anymore, sorry. Hope you guys are doing great!

Sarah Smith said...

I can't believe she asked you about the tooth fairy. I am not ready for that. She is getting big and smart! Hurray for you not being a criminal. I was getting a little uncomfortable hanging out with a wanted person!

Emily said...

That's funny about the tooth fairy. You know my Santa background... but I didn't realize until a couple years ago that people played up the tooth fairy and Easter bunny and stuff, too! That's how up on things I am!

Anyway, I'm glad the charges were dropped, that was so dumb!

Have you gotten a new computer, then? Evan wants to get us one. This one is, uh, 10 years old this year. I tried to install Microsoft silver-whatever-it-was last night to make a photobook, and our processor isn't supported. Can you believe it?

Deborah said...

No, we don't have a new computer. We just pulled an old one out of the garage. Somehow we've managed to end up with a few computers from all of Steve's old business stuff. Hopefully this one will last for a while.

Kate said...

Gosh I'm glad to see you back! Grace is so funny! And you must have some genius lawyer on your side to help you evade the law. Lucky!

Charisse said...

This post made me laugh right out loud! Thank you. I was driving down University Ave today in Provo, and I saw a sign for Epicdiamonds.com. That is Steve's business right? I thought of you guys.